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Early detection and treatment are essential for the one in eight women who develop breast cancer in the United States each year. The team of board-certified radiologists at Tri-City Radiology In Kennewick, Washington, offer noninvasive diagnostic breast imaging to detect signs of breast disease as early as possible. When it's time for your mammogram, MRI, or ultrasound call and schedule an appointment today. It could save your live.

Breast Imaging Q & A

What types of breast imaging are offered at Tri-City Radiology?

Our team of radiologists and trained technologists provide women in southeastern Washington with state-of-the-art breast imaging services. Breast imaging services include: 

  • Digital 3D mammography (tomosynthesis)
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Breast MRI


Each of these imaging tests is noninvasive and useful for indicating abnormalities in your breasts as well as distinguishing between cysts and solid masses within the breast tissue.

What is a digital 3D mammography?

 Mammography remains the primary imaging modality to evaluate for breast disease in females and the cornerstone for breast cancer screening. Tri-City Radiology proudly offers state-of-the-art Hologic Genius 3D mammography. This exam allows doctors to examine your breast tissue layer by layer. So, instead of viewing all of the complexities of your breast tissue in a flat image, as with conventional 2D mammography, fine details are more visible and no longer hidden by the tissue above or below. The Genius mammogram is clinically proven to be superior to conventional 2D mammography, as shown in extensive research published by the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA).

A 3D mammogram is very similar to having a conventional 2D mammogram. Like a 2D mammogram, the technologist will position you, compress your breast, and take images from different angles. There’s no additional compression required with the 3D exam, and it only takes a few seconds longer for each view.

The duration of the exam is approximately 15 minutes.

Why would I need a breast ultrasound?

Breast ultrasounds are often used in conjunction with mammography to target a specific area of concern. A breast ultrasound can distinguish between cysts (fluid-filled sacs) and solid masses within your breast. The ultrasound can also indicate benign and cancerous tumors.

This test is noninvasive and takes about 15 minutes.

When is a breast MRI needed?

A breast MRI is another noninvasive imaging test that helps your doctor diagnose a variety of breast conditions that can’t be seen by mammography or ultrasound. Although a breast MRI doesn’t replace a mammogram for diagnostic testing, it is an additional method available to women who are at high risk of developing breast cancer as a result of having an immediate family member (a mother, sister, or daughter) with breast cancer. A breast MRI takes about an hour.

Some women qualify to have an annual breast MRI, covered by their insurance, in addition to an annual mammogram.


When you need advanced breast imaging of the highest quality, call the professional medical imaging team at Tri-City Radiology.

Breast Biopsy

The only sure way to confirm breast cancer is through a biopsy which involves removing a small piece of the tissue for a pathologist to examine under a microscope. An image-guided biopsy is performed when the abnormal area in the breast is too small to be felt, making it difficult for the surgeon to locate the lesion. At Tri-City Radiology, image-guided biopsies can be accomplished by either MRI or ultrasound. For additional information on breast imaging, we encourage you to visit this PDF with Breast Cancer Screening Recommended.